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Al Moutaheda Paper & Boards (Uniboard)- Egypt
Turnkey project for 425TPD coated board plant with multi wire machine involving complete overhaul of plant and machinery, and re-installation in the branch of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Piping.

Middle East Paper Company - KSA
Modification and renovation of PM#2 in the area of wire part , dryer part, size press, Hood & PV system, stock preparation and Approach flow.

Faderco Spa - Algeria
Installation of 140TPD soft tissue paper machine supplied by Velmat-Finland.

Middle East Paper Company - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Complete overhauling and re-installation of Test Liner Paper Plant of capacity 850TPD with finish deckle at reel 5400mm, machine operating speed 850m/min and design speed 1000m/min. Project involved dismantling supervision of the machine at North Carolina, USA; and complete overhauling and erection of paper machine including auxillary sections, approach flow system, stock preparation and finishing house. Project scope included detailed engineering in the field of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping for all the above sections. The entire plant engineering was carried out by DCL, Kolkata and Hansol, EME.

Obeikan Duplex Board Mill - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Complete erection of 450TPD Coated Duplex Board Plant supplied by Hansol, EME. Machine configuration was under-five fourdrinier, followed by suction pickup, suction and shoe press, 72-dryers coating section, 10-dryers after coater, soft nip calendar and pope reel. Project scope included complete erection of paper machine, PMC auxillary sections, approach flow system, stock preparation and finishing house. The entire project was executed under project management of Jakko Poyry.

Union Paper Mill - Dubai, UAE
Modification of PM#2 press, machine drives, size press and pope reel.

Ruby Macons Paper Ltd - Gujarat, India
Modification of press parts involving dismantling of existing press parts and installation of bi-nip and shoe press supplied by PMT, Italy.

NR Agarwal Industries Ltd - Vapi, Gujarat India
Dismantling supervision, overhauling and erection of 300TPD capacity Newsprint Paper Machine having finish deckle of 4050mm with machine speed of 920m/min and substance range 45-60GSM. The plant was operating with used machine from Papeterie de Lancey, France.

Shree Bhageshwari Papers Ltd, Muzaffarnagar -India
Erection of 70TPD capacity Tissue Machine of finished deckle 4550mm, machine speed of 500m/min and substance range of 18-56GSM.

ITC Bhadrachalam Paper Board Mill - Andhra Pradesh, India
Erection of 500TPD capacity Board Plant including stock, approach and finishing house. The machine was supplied by Mechano Paper Machine in collaboration with Tempella, Sweden.

Ballarpur Industries Ltd (BILT)- Maharastra, India
Complete installation of finishing house equipment such as rewinder, syncro sheet cutter, reel handling system, and shrink wrapping machine supplied by Allimand - France, Miltex - Italy, Bielomatic - Germany and Sicma.

Sidharth Paper Ltd - Kashipur,India
Overhaul and installation of 250TPD capacity Duplex Coated Board Plant brought from Italy. Project scope included match-marking, data collection and supervision of dismantling at Italy. The project involved detailed mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping engineering.

Sainsons Pulp &: Papers Ltd - Himachal Pradesh, India
Overhaul and installation of used 150TPD capacity Writing & Printing Paper Plant and Machinery brought from Romania. Project scope included dismantling supervision at Romania with match-marking and data collection; overhaul of entire plant and machinery; reinstallation of paper machine, auxiliary sections, approach flow system, and stock preparation; and de-inking plant and finishing house. Project involved detailed mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping engineering;

Bharat Papers Ltd - J&K, India
Dismantling of Duplex Board Plant from South Korea and re-installation the same at Kathua - J&K, India. Project scope included overhauling of entire plant & machinery brought from South Korea; re-installation of paper machine, auxiliary sections, approach flow system, stock preparation and finishing house. In addition IDEPL was commissioned to undertake erection of Power House including installation of 37TPH 64-bar capacity Boiler with Thermax make ESP; Coal/straw handling system with 5MW Triveni make turbine. The project involved detailed mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping engineering based on specifications provided by Hansol EME, KOREA.